Yeast Banking Submission

Yeast Banking Information

We do yeast banking for a number of breweries all over Canada and the US!

Yeast strain in pure culture received and banked in -80ºC cryogenic long-term storage. Your yeast will be recorded in our database and available for propagation at Premium pricing provided sufficient lead time. We charge a one-time fee of $299 to bank and characterize your sample.

If you would like to proceed with banking your yeast, the next step is to send it to us. A sample of 50-100mL is typically perfect for our needs. 

Our Yeast Banking sample address is:

Attn: Richard Preiss

Escarpment Laboratories

8 Smith Ave

Guelph, ON


N1E 5Y5

Please also reply to us (and cc: with the following information prior to sending your sample:

BREWERY NAME: _________

STRAIN NAME(S):________ (this will appear on all internal Escarpment Labs documentation as well as your product label. Subject to Escarpment Labs approval)

STRAIN ORIGIN: ________ (please be as specific as possible, but even "English ale" or "wild capture" helps us understand the strain)

ADDITIONAL SAMPLE INFO: _________ (e.g. "this is a mixed culture", "this is a blend", etc) 

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