Best Practices - Brett Secondary Fermentation

Brettanomyces Secondary Fermentation 

We supply our standard Brettanomyces pitches at an optimal rate for secondary fermentation in your carboy, tank, foeder, or barrels. We target a pitch rate of 0.5-1 million cells/mL for secondary pitches. This pitch rate is more than sufficient for Brett activity, which can be seen as low as 50,000 cells/mL in a few weeks

In general, expect a Brett secondary fermentation to take approximately 20-30 days to show signs of Brett flavour. The Brett flavour will continue to develop for months and years to come. Brett will slowly ferment residual sugars, but this fermentation will stabilize over time. Once you have observed no specific gravity change within two weeks, you are typically safe to bottle without risk of overcarbonation.

Here is a summary of the typical flavour profile of the Brett strains we offer for secondary fermentation: 

Product Species Flavours Suitable Styles Primary Ferment
Brett B B. bruxellensis Pear, Tropical Fruit Pale ales, sours, Orval clones
Brett D B. bruxellensis Pineapple, Hay Hoppy beers, pale sours Yes
Brussels Brett B. bruxellensis Fruit Salad, Candy, Lambic Pale sours, "Lambic"
Brett C B. anomalus Citrus, Mango Hoppy beers, anything barrel aged
Brett L B. bruxellensis Cherry, pleasant acetic Flanders Red, Oud Bruin, barrel aged sours Yes but slow
Brett M B. bruxellensis Balanced fruit and funk pretty much anything
Brett Q B. bruxellensis Strawberry, Red Wine Saison, barrel aged sours Yes
Berliner Brett I B. anomalus Citrus, White Wine Berliner Weisse, Saison, pale sours
Berliner Brett II B. bruxellensis Peach, White Wine Berliner Weisse, Saison, pale sours
MOTHERSHIP Brett Blend both A bit of everything mixed ferm Saisons, barrel aged sours

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