Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) Requirements

What are the FAN requirements of different strains? 

Different yeast strains have different nutrient needs. FAN (free amino nitrogen) is one of the primary nutrients that yeast needs for beer fermentation, along with oxygen and micronutrients (like vitamins and minerals). 

We categorize strains into Low (100-150ppm), Medium (150-175ppm), and High (175+ ppm) FAN requirements. Note also that High Gravity ferments typically require more FAN for optimal performance. 

Strain Category FAN Requirements
American Variable
Cali/Anchorman = Low
American/Northwest = High
Belgian High
British Medium
German (Kolsch/Weizen)
Kveik Medium to High
Lager Low
Saison/Wild Medium

Interested in the FAN requirements of a specific strain? Scroll down for more data. 

Experimental Data 

In 2019-2020 we tested many of our strains in a controlled experiment to understand how they all compare. The data below are from that experiment. New products released since late 2019 have not been included, but if you have questions about the specs of any individual product, you can check its product page or ask us. 

FAN consumption by Strain Category: 

FAN consumption of individual strains in a standardized wort: 

How do I know I'm giving my yeast enough FAN? 

You can check out our blog post on FAN which has some useful data. In general, most worts over 10ºP/1.040 should supply sufficient FAN although there are exceptions. Yeast nutrients such as Yeast Lightning can always help reduce the risk of your yeast not getting enough nutrients. 

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