Best Practices - Multi Fills (Double Brews)

I am brewing multiple times into the same fermentor. How should I handle yeast and oxygenation? 

There are more details in the blog post below if you are interested, but here are the basics:

  • Pitch the yeast and oxygenate the wort on the first fill. Pitching the yeast early will ensure yeast growth begins. Oxygenating the wort also ensures the yeast will grow. Do not leave wort sitting without yeast for too long.
  • Pitch enough yeast for the first 24 hours. For example, if you are brewing 2x10hL on one day then 2x10hL on day two, pitch 20hL worth of yeast.
  • Oxygenate every fill on the first day. You shouldn't worry about oxidation as long as the yeast is still active and being given new food. This gets a bit more complex when you're hitting 3+ fills (in this case, you don't need to oxygenate the last one).

Additional resources: 
Check out our Blog Post on Yeast Recommendations for Multi Fill Brews!

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