House Ale Dry Yeast - Information

Thank you for your interest in our first dry yeast, House Ale EL-D1. We are really excited to offer this new dry yeast! 

House Ale is a versatile strain that can be used to reliably ferment IPAs, Blond Ales, Stouts, and more. It offers the same reliable fermentation you can expect from Escarpment Labs, but in a dry, easy-to-pitch format. 

House Ale Benefits

  • Superior combination of fermentation speed and attenuation compared to other dry beer yeasts. 
  • Wide temperature range (16-22ºC). 
  • Lower shipment cost than liquid yeast. 
  • Excellent quality specifications (produced in a Pharma grade facility).

Pitch Rate

Original Gravity 500g Bricks Per 10 hL Wort Pitch Rate
Below 1.065 (17ºP) 1 0.5 g/L
Between 1.065 - 1.100 (17-24ºP) 2 1.0 g/L
Above 1.100 (24ºP) 3 1.5 g/L


Escarpment Labs House Ale EL-D1 Technical Datasheet
Escarpment Labs House Ale EL-D1 SDS


Contact us for pricing information. 

Note that shipping costs are lower for dry yeast compared to liquid yeast due to lower weight. 

Dry Yeast vs. Liquid Yeast 

Check out our blog post, "Liquid Yeast vs. Dry Yeast: Which is Better?".

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