KRISPY - Fermentation and Temperature Advice

​How do I make the cleanest, fastest (pseudo) lager with KRISPY?

While KRISPY has a wide temperature range (15-25ºC), you will see different results at either end of the spectrum.

​​We have created an optimal way to ferment KRISPY, get good results, and keep it neutral. It involves a simple upward temperature ramp: 

​1. Pitch at 14ºC and hold at 15ºC for 24 hours (through lag phase and the start of ferment).

​2. Ramp to 18ºC for a further 24 hours (through to mid ferment).

​3. Ramp to 22ºC until target gravity is achieved.

​Starting the ferment cool then ramping up helps in several ways: 

  • ​Starting cool helps restrict yeast growth slightly, which is a good thing for Kveik - it helps avoid the beer turning too acidic. A cool start also helps suppress ester production.
  • Ramping upward over the course of the ferment ensures the yeast doesn't have to fight the cooling system - this is really beneficial for kveik in our experience. The worst thing for a kveik ferment is dropping the temperature. 
  • Ramping to 22ºC when the yeast is hitting the "hard to ferment" sugars like maltotriose helps it get through the final stages of fermentation efficiently. 

With this method, we've been able to complete fermentation, crash, cool, and carbonate a beer in as little as 7 days. While I recommend longer lagering time, this method produces very clean beers quickly.

I'm not getting the attenuation I desire from KRISPY, how do I make a dryer beer?

Make sure to use a wort base with plenty of FAN (free amino nitrogen) and oxygen when fermenting with KRISPY.

You can also consult our resources on Attenuation to understand how to adjust your wort fermentability.

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