Strain Availability and Lead Times

We prioritize freshness while balancing the seasonal needs of brewers.

We aim to maintain a ready-to-ship inventory of our most popular strains, including Foggy London Ale, Cali Ale, Vermont Ale, K├Âlsch, Isar Lager, and Lactobacillus Blend 2.0.

Many other strains are in stock on a rotating basis, depending on seasonality and other brewer's requests. You can always check the current availability on our website.

If the yeast you want is sold out, we might already have a batch in the schedule! Contact us to ask about timelines.

Lead times for custom propagation

We grow yeast using a multi-stage propagation with three quality checks and a full QC panel at yeast harvest including test fermentations. This means that a batch of yeast from start to finish takes about three weeks to be ready to ship to you. Custom propagations typically need to be scheduled between 3-4 weeks in advance.

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