Analogs to White Labs, Wyeast, Imperial, etc

We hear this question a lot: "What's your equivalent to [insert other company’s yeast]?" So we thought it would be nice if there was just one place that had everything.

We put together the following chart so you can see how different types of liquid yeasts compare!

Feel free to download, print out, and put up in your home, brewery, or homebrew shop. 


Disclaimer: Escarpment Laboratories Inc. is not associated with White Labs, Inc., Wyeast Laboratories, Inc., imperial Yeast, or Omega Yeast Labs LLC. WY” yeast numbers are the property of Wyeast Laboratories, Inc., “WLP” yeast numbers are the property of White Labs, Inc., "OYL" yeast numbers are the property of Omega Yeast Labs LLC. This document is intended as a guide to help brewers looking for Escarpment Labs products similar to the listed yeast products and is not a declaration of absolute equivalency in terms of genetics or phenotype of the listed yeast products. Results may differ between yeast suppliers as a result of genetic variation or propagation practices. This document is subject to change or revision as new information becomes available. 

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