Selling Yeast By Cell Count Instead of Litres

Why we sell by cell count instead of volume 

Some yeast labs sell yeast by volume, e.g. "2L of yeast". Given the wide range in slurry harvest densities we observe in yeast cultures, we do not find this to be an accurate way to measure or standardize a yeast pitch. Pitching rate is important, and we strive to provide you the same pitching rate every time. 

In general, the suppliers who sell yeast by volume supply it at 1 trillion cells per litre. As a result, 1L of yeast from those suppliers is equivalent to 1hL pitchable yeast from us. So for example, 8L of yeast slurry from a US supplier would be an 8hL pitch from Escarpment. Since we try to remove as much liquid as possible from our yeast cultures to save on shipping for our customers, an 8hL pitch may contain less volume but at a higher cell density than some US suppliers.

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